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Hey Moms! These seats are being called because of a mold risk! Do you have one? Have you ever had an issue?

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I have one and haven't seen any mold. This seems a bit overkill, though. I frequently wash my baby items,(as much as I clean my own sheet, really!) and if it were to get wet, (spit up or pee) I would wash it immediately, as I'm sure most moms would. And why specifically this sleeper? I could see the same thing happening to my carseat or baby swing if it never got washed... It seems like a common sense kinda thing.....
I'm with Magali on this one, mold can occur on any porous surface exposed to substance and air. Keep things clean no matter what... Eww
(Picture of mold attached)
Well, I'm retracting my statement! Lol!

I figured I would take the sleeper apart since it had been almost two months since I did a thorough cleaning (holidays... but I still cleaned the sheets and blanket I would cover the sleeper with) and there it was, under the padding and on the hard plastic part..., mold!

It's not a ton of mold, but enough to send me running for the bleach! I think the problem is actually washing that piece (which I had to do in the tub since it won't fit the washing machine). They should redesign this. It took taking apart the whole thing and removing four screws. You can't take out the plastic backing, so a tub of hot water and bleach is the only alternative, really. Luckily she's outgrowing it soon, so I won't hav to do this often, but it's a good wake up call!

On that note, I'm washing all her stuff today (bouncy seats, carseat, strollers, swing....) manufacturers should really make taking these products apart a bit easier for cleaning, especially the strollers!

P.s. don't clean all this stuff on the same day, your baby will not be too happy laying on the playmat all day , lol!

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