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Hi Everyone!  My son (6 yo) and I are getting ready to go on a trip to see grandma in Texas.  This will be his first time on a plane, and my first time traveling on a plane with a child.  I looked up the child safety seat laws in Texas, and they require children to be in a booster seat from age 4-8, or until they are 4'9", 100 pounds.  How do you travel with a booster seat?  Do you take the whole thing, or take the back portion off?  Do I put it in a plastic bag and tag it like regular luggage, and send it off with bags that we are checking??

I also need some ideas on different snacks to take along with us? 

Last, but certainly not least, I have a number of electronic gadgets that I could take along for entertainment.  Which do you think would be the best:

Leapfrog Explorer, Kindle Fire, laptop, or a portable DVD player

I have some digital movies I was thinking of downloading onto our kindle or laptop.  I have tons of games on the kindle that are appropriate for him.  I just don't want to take a bunch of stuff that I will have to carry on my own.

Any other tips?


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Booster Seat: You may want to check with the airline, I have seen kids use their booster seat on the plane. It means you don't have to check it but it is one more thing to carry.

Snacks: Anything your son like should be fine (Goldfish and Chex Mix are great) but make sure you don't take drinks or snacks that are in the metallic type containers or wrappers (Capri Sun, etc.)  They will stop you at Security and make you throw them out. (We learned the had way)

Electronics: I would take the Kindle with the movies and games (you may want to get a pair of headphones too)  It means only taking 1 thing that should keep him occupied throughout the trip.

Hope you both have a great time.

I would take just the base you could just put it in your suitcase there not that big, also take a bag of things he has not seen, all new things like a roll of tape, kids love tape....a small puzzle, or something he likes but is hardly ever allowed to play with.
At least it will be a short trip, we went to Denver from Orlando in 3 hours with our two and they loved the flight.
Have fun

I am double checking with the airline, but it looks like I will have to check the booster seat.  I can check it at the curb, ticket counter, or gate.  I wonder which is the best option?  I may just put the seat portion in my luggage as Brandy's Proud Mom suggested, but we shall see.  I have to pack first to see if it will even fit.

I am working on getting some digital movies on my kindle fire for my son and updating my games.  I also have a new activity book for him, and I ordered a Seat Pet which should be here this week (per his request).  He doesn't know that I ordered him the Seat Pet, so that should be a nice surprise.  Our travel time is 6 hours 10 minutes, so here is hoping this keeps him busy for the duration.  I also heard that SWA has partnered with Dish Network, so maybe he will be able to watch some of the shows he likes on the plane ride.

Praying for smooth and safe travels.

Thanks for the tips!  If anyone has more they are all welcome and appreciated.

Don't forget gum or something to suck on in case his ears are bothered by the change in elevation. :-) Also, I always bring a jacket for the girls and me because it can get so cold in planes!

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