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Did your child receive the FluMist this year? Here is an article about the program with some pictures that ran in The Sun:

Do you plan to get vaccinated? Both of my children have been vaccinated, and my husband (a teacher) just got the shot at work. I have not gotten the vaccine as of yet.

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Kaylee got hers on Thursday at School.  Caden has been fighting one thing or the other so we haven't been able to get his.  Once we get his we will get ours with him.

My daughter had some wheezing a year ago so we declined the flu mist, but she'll be getting the flu shot.

The one child who could get the flumist gets an awful 3 day migrane from it--2 years in a row so nope--we're not doing it. We're all going to get our shots--safer and easier for our family. 

We don't get the flu mist. It has caused my children to get sick a few times. We are hand washers and this seems to alleviate much of the risk of catching viruses.

Both of my kids get the flu mist and so far so good....We have been getting it for several years now and they do just fine with it.  I'm a teacher and I have been getting the shots for about 13 years now.  Only once did I get the flu...the year I did not get the shot and it was the year of the bad swine flu outbreak.  It was horrible.  I was out of work for over a week.

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