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Does anyone know of any daycares that are green/eco-friendly? As in they use natural/non-toxic cleaning products, toys, furnishings, etc. Thanks

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Education Station and preschool!
My daughter has been goin there since she was 15 months (now 3) and my youngest will go once I start back up,with work. They are Eco certified and use non toxic cleaning products, I won't even go into how much I love this place since its getting late, but check out their Facebook page :).
Great place!

I don't see anything on any of their websites about being green/eco-friendly. @Magali, what do you mean by they are eco-certified? Under what organization? Thanks for your help. 

It's something like a EHCC sticker, they go through a checklist and use non toxic cleaning supply. I would ask them about the specifics :) give them a call and they can explain,
What about toys, furnishings, etc?

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