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 I was wondering if anybody knows anything about Dr Buchanan? I'm looking for an Dr or midwife in the Gainesville area. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I went to Dr. Brazzel for both of my pregnancies. He was great!

He is a really great doctor (and great surgeon!). I worked with him at AGH for years. One of his midwives, Libby, is fantastic- she delivered my son! However, their office gets really, REALLY busy, though. And the wait can be "hours" at times- one of the reasons I switched to Dr. Brazzel at NFRMC. (I just do not have hours to wait). But those who stay with him, love him! I really like Dr. Brazzel, too!
I'm currently going to the Birth Center of Gainesville. We also went there when our daughter was born and loved it. They're on E University, but are getting ready to move near where AGH was. Buchanan works with the Birth Center and stitched me up when I had third degree lacerations post birth. He knew his business, but I wasn't a fan of his bedside manner personally. And the wait has already been mentioned (also saw him for an ultrasound).

Locally, there's also the Midwives Cooperative. A friend of mine is going to them and has had a good experience. The one issue for me is they only do home births so you have to want that. We have two dogs and a toddler so the thought of a home birth is not at all appealing to me.

I have never heard much about Dr. Buchanan but I had Dr. Brazzel with all 3 pregnancies and he is absolutely amazing, even my husband loves him and he wasn't thrilled about me having a male OB.  Anyone at the Women's Center practice is awesome and they have midwives there too!

I interned with Dr. Buchanan ... he is an AMAZING OB ~ maybe not much with the touchy/feely, but a fabulous practitioner. Dr. Cotter is good too, but also busy. I would head for the Midwives Coop; they do homebirths, but if that is not what you are looking for they would be glad to assist you in finding a caregiver.

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