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My husband and I recently signed up for a few discount sites like Groupon, FlyCoupon and Living Social. The sites offer great items and services, usually at 50 percent discounts. And I just read an article that Facebook will soon be launching a similar discount program (but not yet here in Gainesville)


Do you use any of the sites? Which site do you think offers the best deals?

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I haven't used them before, but being on a very tight budget, I will be looking into it and seeing what kind of  deals we would be able to get We always use the Sunday paper with the coupons available there, but someone has been stealing all of my coupons out of paper in the mornings. Darn people
I purchased movie tickets from Living Social (two for $9).  I thought this was a great price, and used them to take little man to the movies.  There are also a lot of restaurant/fast food type deals that have interested me as well.  I get the daily emails, and will probably partake in more deals over time to save my family money.
I joined Groupon a while back.  Shortly after that I received an email stating that I was one of a certain number of people selected to receive $15 free towards my first Groupon purchase.  A couple of days later Mother Earth ran a half off $30 Groupon, so I was able to get $30 of groceries from Mother Earth for nothing.  Haven't found much since then that's interested me though.
I belong to all of them but most of what is offered is something that now I won't use--it is not a need so I don't bother. We do netflik and not the movies--Can't afford the spas--Mother Earth was great but it's an hour from me so there went those savings....I just haven't found anything yet that would be a true savings.
Call me crazy but they give me a headache. I just now started to look around and maybe do some couponing. My brain is overloaded. lol
I recently bought a Keurig for $42... a weekend luxury for myself.  I have purchased movie tickets and food deals around Gainesville to try diffent foods that I normally wouldn't or places that I often times frequent.  I've purchased household items that I've stocked and by using coupons have gotten some really good deals.  Just be careful not to get caught up in the frenzy and only buy things you need. -   'Cept for me and my luxury item that is :0)
I use Groupon and Living Social I have found great deals....maybe when a good resturant come up again we should post it and make that our next GNO?
I've bought a few from Groupon and Living Social when they've offered them for our favorite restaurants. I missed the movie tickets though. Bummer!
Don't forget that the Gainesville/Ocala area also has a local groupon type site at   Its done through 98.5 KTK and The Sky 97.3.  They'll offer a different deal of the day from local businesses around the area.   Right now they have a $50 certificate to BubbaQues for only $25.00, a $50 certificate to the Hippodrome Theater for only $25.00, along with a few deals for Gator Domino's and Salon 119.
We just used our Living Social coupon last Friday for our bowling at Splitz.  It was great fun and no way could we have afforded to take us all without the deep discount.
We do! Some are great and others have no interest! But I check the surrounding areas also! For example, Jacksonville's Groupon is for paddle boarding! My husband has gotten in to and it is pretty fun and gives you a great workout also!

There are few top coupon sites i'm using like,, and 

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