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Do you invite all the kids from your child's class to the party?

 I just finished reading a blog by a mom who is choosing to have her child invite every kid in the class. I was curious to hear what stance you all take on this? 

Here is the blog:

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I think it's too much to invite the whole class. But I don't think it is right to pass out invitations at school if you aren't inviting everyone. They should either be mailed or delivered to the guests outside of school.

We aren't doing birthday parties for our oldest two this year. Instead, we "took" a birthday party to school. I took a cake for my 8 year old's birthday and am taking cupcakes and sip-ups to my 6 year old's class (today). We don't have much luck with many kids showing up at parties, so I figured this was the best way to celebrate with all of their friends.

In the past, we have had birthday parties at the park and invited everyone in the class. At most, 3-4 kids would show up. No one ever RSVP's, so you plan for a decent number and end up with a lot of left overs.

Our cap on parties was 8 maybe 10--that was it. I would quietly hand an invite to the parent when my kids were little and as they got older they would handle it. There were several kids in the class that I would never have at a party so inviting the whole class was never an option plus--it is our party. No one else should tell me how many and who to invite. My child did not get invited to everyone else's party and honestly--it was fine. 

My oldest is 14 now. For her, she can discretely invite certain people. There is a limit. For my little one who is 5...we take the party to school. Much easier and no one feels left out.

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