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I am looking for daycare for my 6 month old son and wondered if anyone could give me any feedback on La Petite or any centers in SW Gainesville. I live near Shands & work at Nationwide. Thanks!

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Hi Michele,


I spoke with you awhile back on I know I am not exactly the type of care you are looking for, but just wanted to offer you temporary help. I do one-on-one care out of my home and I live on the SW side of Gainesville. I know you are looking for a day care, but thought I may be a good option if you needed something now. As of Dec. I will be caring for an infant boy. So I am available now until Dec. Let me know if you are interested in a temporary situation, while you find the right day care for your son. My e-mail address is and cell # is 352-219-5221.






You should check out "A child's world"--it is right off SW 34th street, near the big post office. So it is right near Nationwide. This center is pretty much across the street froma nursing home. here is their website:



We are going with La petite for our 6 month old. Its very convenient and when I posted something similar 2 months ago a lot of people recommended it. A child's place is full, and so are a few others. La petite seemed nice when we toured it, the infant teacher has been there 20 years and the building was just dedicated to her. A lot of the babies in the room are 6-8 months so I think that will be neat for them to all grow together!
Thank you everyone. We decided to go with Kiddie Academy & I'm very excited about it.

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