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We recently signed our little one up for daycare for the first time. I have never had a child in daycare before. That is the reason Im asking for others experiences. I dont want to mention the name but I will say its 190.00 a week. The first day we picked him up his face still had dried on spaghetti on it. All week I picked him up with a snotty dried up nose. At the end of the week I collected his sheet and pillow and there was dried up food from the entire week all over his sheet along with his dirty clothes, On the tour the room looked clean but after really walking in and looking at the toys they are filthy. Please offer advice on where you send your children and things that I should expect out of any daycare.

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I'd say if you are unhappy with the facility, then definitely start looking elsewhere! Preschool is expensive! I worked at a preschool while I was in school, and we always made sure to clean the toys as often as possible. We also tried to make sure to clean their little noses and faces, especially after lunch. That being said, there were definitely times when we would do fun activities that would leave the children looking dirty. So I guess you have to figure out if your child and the toys are dirty because they are having fun, or if they are dirty because the staff isn't paying enough attention to the children and classroom. Good luck! I hope you find a preschool you are happy with!

If you click on the "Forums" tab at the top of this page and type in "day care centers" in the search box, you'll see a bunch of threads about this topic where moms have previously posted their recommendations for day care centers in Gainesville. Hope that helps!


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