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Hello. My husband, or 3 children and I moved here recently from Titusville fl and so far we are loving the area. I was wondering if any of you other Mommies are couponers. Where we lived before some other Moms and I started a couponing class/club and we did so well I learned how to cut my grocery bill down by about 75%! I was just curious if any of you do this and what local stores you find best for couponing . Thanks!

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I am a big couponer:) My DH still can't figure out how it's legal:) LOL--
I like the sites and both match coupons with the sales-I shop at Publix for their BOGO sales, Winn dixie depending, Food Lion occassionally--Hitchcocks when they have BOGO and double coupons (isn't often but when they do I stock up)---
I find that I get a lot of stuff at Publix with the BOGO and other store coupons--they are the main store for us. Hitchcocks has the best meat consistently. CVS I get alot of personal items, toothpaste and drugs at with coupons and ECB. I live in a rural area so I depend on my once a week coupons in the newspaper and then online coupons--I routinely save 69-80%--that works really well for us:)
Hi Hope! Welcome to Gainesville! I still haven't jumped on the coupon bus, but I know I need to. I hear about all these awesome deals. I just need to buckle down and do it.
I have just started a blog for local couponers, you can find it at Publix is the best place above all. Michelle at is really good!!! I am able to pull some of her listings onto my blog to share with others. I am working on listing matchups for Publix, Winn Dixie, Food Lion, and Hitchcocks.
I will be doing some coupon classes as well with another coupon buddy. I will post on the blog when and where these will be.
I average a savings of about 75% off my grocery bill!!!
I started couponing in October or so last year, and I am getting better at it every week. I think my biggest save to date was a few weeks ago at Publix. My total savings was $103, and my total bill was around $64. I love the sites,,, and my favorite of all I get lots of great deals and tips on shopping a Publix and Target...the only stores I really shop at. I also find out what the freebies are each week at CVS and Walgreens. I would love to meet up with other couponers to see how and what you all do, and also how you sort and store your coupons. Thanks!
Meant to put link in, but listed twice. Sorry about that!

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