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My husband and I are having lots of Internet trouble and I'm wondering if it's our Internet provider, our router, or us? How often is it reasonable for Internet to go down? Sometimes it will be working fine and then I'll get home from work the next day and there is no access. This then usually involves multiple calls to Cox, who then hangs up on us several times, blames our router, and then after about an hour of making my husband want to scream, has him plugging and unplugging cables in, we'll get the Internet back. But now our laptop doesn't work and it's apparently the router and I researched routers and understand nothing. How easy or hard is all this stuff for everyone else to grasp? Does anyone have any suggestions for the following questions:

1. What Internet provider company provides reliable, uninterrupted service?

2. What is the best router for basic home use?

3. How do non-tekkie people learn this stuff???


Thanks everyone! I really needed to vent.

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When we lived in town we had the home bundle tv, Internet it was always going down they would say we have crews working on it. Glad we don't live in the area anymore.
If you have a friend that might know a little more about it have them look into your end of everything and if it is ok then just keep calling cox, till they fix it. Good luck

A few things could be the cause of your problems. Older, out-dated cable wire in your house- RG6 is the newest, I think (Home Depot or Lowes should have the newest in stock). Chewed or frayed cable wire inside or outside your house. An older modem (DOCSIS 2.0), DOCSIS 3.0 is the new version. An old single band router, dual band is the new version.

I was having the same kind of trouble with mine. I ended up getting a wi-fi modem (modem and router combo) from the cable company. My internet has gone out a couple of times since, but was easily fixed by resetting the modem. I may need to upgrade my service.

As for learning tech stuff--You Tube videos are great.

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