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So my 15 month old's hair is getting long.  Not too long but it is time for a trim for him.  I don't want him looking like a girl!  Anyways, Is there a place here in Gainesville that specializes in children's haircuts?  I have seen many parents take little ones to the salon and somehow their little one sit so still.  I know that Caden won't.  Any suggestions?

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Per the suggestions of a few parents here, I took my son (2 years old) to the Jonesville Barber Shop and he loved it!  He's getting better at the whole sitting still and not screaming bloody murder. He still has to sit on my lap while I bear hug him the majority of the time. But they've seen it all and were very patient with him.   The best part is that after they get their haircut, they get to pick out a Hot Wheels car to take home.   That at least calms him down a bit.  It's decorated as an old time barber shop and they only take cash.  I believe haircuts are $12.00.    My son is due for another haircut very soon so we'll be back.   Maybe third times a charm??   LOL    When I mention to him that we have to get his haircut again, he gets a bit excited and asks if he's getting another new car.  :)   At least he's not dreading it....yet.   Good luck!

I've taken my son, now 3, to a few different places. His first haircut was at Great Clips on 43rd street, but the lady is no longer there. Hair Hunters on 43rd street in the Publix shopping center, was great! The owner and her son both cut his hair and they were both fantastic. Most recently I have taken him to Hair Cuttery on 13th Street in the Publix shopping center and they also have done a wonderful job. It was only in the last couple of visits that he sat by himself on a booster seat. My best advise is for you to be calm and have no expectations. Let him sit in your lap and just relax and he should be fine. By the way, my son is a bundle of energy who rarely sits still, but as long as I take him when he is a little tired, he sits just fine. Good Luck!

 Randy's Haircuts For Men, 4401 NW 25th Pl Ste E Gainesville, FL 32606 (352) 377-2000, Randy, has been cutting my son's hair since he was a newborn, Jacob, my son is now almost eight (8). Randy, is not only very good with kids, he has a great staff. I have followed Randy from "Campus Cuts" to "Kutter's" on 43rd Street. I finally was pleased to learn that he opened his very own shop, next to 43rd Street Deli! The first thing I noticed was how calm the atmosphere was and how clean he keeps his shop! He has a "Big Comfy Couch" in the waiting area to sit and wait for your turn. I only wish and recommended he get a T.V to entertain the patrons..Of course, I never had to wait more than 10 minutes for him to help us..But I would definitely give him a try and reccomend his services!

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