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Child dies from brain-eating amoeba..Does this news make you leery of fresh water?

Such sad news. :-( A 9-year-old girl just dies in Arkansas as a result of a brain-eating amoeba that got inside her body as she played in a lake.

Here is the story:

Does this story make you leery of swimming in fresh water? We actually just got back from a vacation in the mountains where my girls definitely did their fair share of swimming in freshwater. Even though the water was cooler (the amoeba typically lives in warmer water), I still was a bit nervous and cautious because couldn't forget about the little boy who passed away last summer.

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This amoeba has been around for as long as I can remember--for a time, when I just started high school, the local officials tried to keep everyone out of the bayous because of it. The old timers finally stopped them in their tracts by noting that out of the thousands of people who swim in there daily, monthly, yearly to have one death does not mean you should shut the whole thing down. Apparently most of us have the ability to protect ourselves from it--but a few don't. It is silly to shut down entire bodies of water for this reason. You go in with full knowledge and that is that or you choose to stay out. This is nothing new and it has occurred all over the US--it is sad that a person died but---it is a part of the world. Disney shut down one of their water parks because of this very amoeba years ago--other than protect them from liability it did little else. 

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