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Did anyone see this on the news?


This is the dentist that my children recently visited. I thank GOD that I didn't let her sediate my youngest, like she wanted to. I feel so bad for the family but maybe now this practice will be closer looked at.


She actually discharged both of my children from her office. She refused to see them again because I disagreed with her "behavior modification techniques."

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it is so tragic, and i hope a thorough investigation will prevent even one parent from ever experiencing this heartache. my thoughts are with the stewart family.
A dentist wants to use "behavior modification techniques" on your children? What in the world does that mean?

What a sad story.
I took my children to her office here in Gainesville. It seemed very hectic and with lots of activity throughout the office. It just seemed overwhelming to me and I had concerns as to how quality dental care could be provided when it seemed like a three ring circus. I only went once and decided to try a different pediatric dentist and have been happy with the new dentist.

My four oldest children went to this dentist for years. We loved her and her staff! The only reason we left was because of our new dental insurance and the fact that the kids were getting older. My step son had to have some extensive dental work (caps and fillings) at one point and he was sadited for it. He did not have any problems with it put that does not mean that others will not. I know that it is something that is regularly used in children and adults during dental work. My heart goes out to the family!!! I can not even imagine something like this happening. As for Kathy's question about the amount of work to be done on "baby teeth" it does not matter if the are baby teeth or not. Rotting teeth and cavities lead to infections and heart disease. Having bad teeth at a young age only exposes that person to these problems for a longer period of time. I surely hope that this tragedy was not caused by human error!!!!!
I had to take my son to her for awhile because she was the only one who would take his insurance at the time. I hated it! She scared my son by insisting that he had to be strapped down every visit. And she sedated my son to do about the same amount of work on his teeth. There was no trauma to his teeth, they just insisted that he need caps and crowns versus simple fillings. All of my sons molars filled, capped, and or crowned and most of the kids i saw in the waiting room seemed to have the same. It seemed like overkill to me, but i wanted to protect his teeth from further damage. The sedation made him very sick. He looked like he was drunk and was throwing up for hours (They said this was normal). I refused to take him back after this.
What an incredibly sad story. The family must be in just total shock. I will be interested to hear what is found in the autopsy report. I wonder if they child was given too much of the sedative or if he had some type of reaction? Nonetheless, the story is tragic.

I am not familiar with this dentist, but it does seem as though she was recommending an overwhelming amount of pretty extensive treatments for her little patients. The man in the video said his daughter was sedated by the dentist. And the video also mentioned that two of the little boy's siblings were sedated for similar procedures. Do this many children really need such serious work done at such a young age?

Like Jenna. said, there is no way to know what condition the teeth were in or if the procedures were, in fact, necessary. But I think it is good the office will (hopefully) be looked at a bit more closely now.
This is a tragedy all the way around. Horrific for the parents and family, and horrific for Dr. Grundset and her staff. Until the autopsy reports come back there will be no answers - just lots of innuendos from people who really don't know anything about this case.

My two children were cared for by Dr. Grundset for 17 years. She was the best thing that ever happened to their teeth.

Before we moved to Gainesville, my oldest daughter needed 12 fillings in her baby teeth as a toddler - the pediatrician never warned me that children should not get a bottle of milk at bedtime. Milk residue stays on the teeth all night, creating a rich environment for bacteria (that's what causes tooth decay) to thrive - every night, all night long. My precious daughter had a mouth full of decay, and I didn't understand - after all, we brushed her teeth after every meal. She had to be sedated because the procedure took so long. And that was the end of ANY kind of snack at bedtime - even with brushing.

When we moved here, I looked for a pediatric dentist and found Dr. Grundset. My kids were young - 10 and 3, and were started on her every-3-month dental cleaning plan in her office (it cost the same as twice-a-year cleanings, but the kids got 4 flouride treatments per year instead of just 2). Our daughter has never had a cavity in her adult teeth, and our son has never had a cavity period - thanks to Dr. Grundset's excellent care of their teeth. Our kids were taught and re-taught the correct way to brush, floss, rinse - every effort was made to be sure they had healthy mouths. And always the message - no soda - it destroys teeth.

Was Dr. Grundset's office busy? You bet - sometimes even chaotic in the playroom. In 17 years, I never saw kids not wanting to go back to the treatment room. I saw plenty of kids with ROTTEN teeth -teeth almost all gone and the stubs all black. And plenty of kids with terrible behavior and parents who didn't do anything to control the hissy fits in the playroom. Lots of times, kids were left alone inside to play while the parents went outside to smoke.

Years ago, there was an article in the Gainesville Sun about Dr. Grundset. At the time, she was a foster mom to a troubled teenager. In the article, it mentioned that Dr. Grundset had had a tough time as a teen herself, running away and maybe even living in foster care. She had decided, after she grew up and became a dentist, that she wanted to try to help troubled teens - and so she did. When asked why, her response in the article was - I want to give back to a community that has given so much to me.

For years, Dr. Grundset was the only dentist in town who would see kids with Medicaid for dental care. Even now, there are very few dentists who will take pediatric Medicaid - not enough money in it, and it's a big paperwork hassle. She has provided countless dental services for severely disabled and handicapped children, for families with no resources, and for children who have been traumatized by other dental practices. Even Shands sends pediatric patients to her practice. She has many patients who continue to seek out her care, even though they're now grown up. My son was over 6 feet tall before he finally gave up going to Dr. Ronnie - he just couldn't fit on her kid-size tables anymore. But he still went back for a few more years just to talk to her.

Dr. Grundset has given so much to our community over the years, especially to so many disadvantaged children for whom there have been no other sources for care. She is a smart, competent, meticulous dentist, well-respected by many other dentists in town. She is truly dedicated to making sure children have healthy mouths and healthy lives. I am sure this has been a suffocatingly crushing blow to her too.

Please don't rush to judgment. There are many reasons why a young child (and his siblings) might need such extensive dental care - and some of them can be prevented. That, too, is a huge tragedy that all involved will have to live with.

Please do keep this family and Dr. Grundset in your prayers.
This is so sad for everyone involved.
Kathy, I do agree with you that there are many dentist and doctors that "abuse" their patients' pocket. I have delt with this myself with a dentist here in town. However, after dealing with this paticular dentist for YEARS personally, I turely believe that it is not the case here. As, Kluber stated in her post, Dr. Grundset accepts Medicaid and medicaid does not pay out what people may think that it does. Furthermore, when my now 14 yr old was in 5th grade she fell off of a trademill and broke more then half of her front top tooth. I took her to see Dr. Grundset and explianed to her that I did not have the money up front to have the tooth fixed (it was more than $300.00) and she fixed the tooth and did not harass me about payments. She was always great with us and I would hope that people would jump to conclutions without not knowing. This whole thing is tragic and my heart goes out to the family and Dr. Grundset.
Kathy, I too have known this dentist for years. Everyone knows that you do not make a ton of money taking as many Medicaid patients as she does. She sees the worst of the worst in her dental office daily!
It is easy to confuse fact with fiction once "your experiences" are inserted into the equation. Thanks Jenna and Kubler for your comments. I am going to forward them to her right after my post.
My daughter recently went there and was told she needed 3 caps and 4 fillings. She went in for one cap and 4 fillings and she came out hysterical. SHe proceeded to tell me that Dr. Ronnie called her a pain in the butt to her face and Ronnie told one of her nurses to not call her sweetheart because she wasnt one. I had a bad feeling about this situation as any mother would so we took her to the ped dentist my eldest daughter sees and he said she only really needed 3 fillings done. He said a cap was not necessary and it was a practice that is not commonly used anymore. I thought Dr. Ronnie's office was chaotic as well but found her to be quite competent and friendly. I dont think I can advocate a pediatric doc that would call a child a pain in her butt to her face, though... My daughter did give her a hard time because she was afraid. She was just fine with ped dentist #2 that we went to see. Dr. Ronnie's staff is lovely. I was in shock after I read this article because she wanted to do same with my daughter and also put her in the straight jacket room meant for problem patients. I think that that kids can feel that chaotic vibe in there and react to it. I cannot imagine what this family is now going through. I close my eyes and reply what she may have seen in my mind. Why is the ambulance here? why is my son on a transport bed? Just a nightmare.
As for other replies...we have a vegetarian life style, eat only organic, no juice, no soda.. kids havent ever had fast food. I make everything homemade. None of us are over weight- no white flours, no white sugars and my kids brush twice a day- diligently. Flossing is the key to preventing cavities in between but unfortunately my kids are prone to cavities because my husbands genetics predispose them to getting them easier. All of my kids have had a cavity where I am 41 and had 2 filled when I was 19 and that is it.
Thank you Kluber, Jenna and Susan, for your comments. I have known Dr. Grundset for many years and she is a compassionate, professional and generous woman. She makes nothing on the Medicaid patients she treats and does it out of concern for the children's health. She has served the children of this community and surrounding areas for 27 yrs. I know she treats the patients that other dentists won't treat. They send them to her because they know she will do what is needed regardless of the parents financial situation. What happened was a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the parents. Don't judge her by this. My daughter is now 26 and is still going to her.

Susan Minter said:
Kathy, I too have known this dentist for years. Everyone knows that you do not make a ton of money taking as many Medicaid patients as she does. She sees the worst of the worst in her dental office daily!
It is easy to confuse fact with fiction once "your experiences" are inserted into the equation. Thanks Jenna and Kubler for your comments. I am going to forward them to her right after my post.

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