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How furious would you be if your child come home from school with horrible chemical burns on the back of his/her legs!?!? This happened to a 5-year-old in Clovis, N.M., and apparently the burns are from acid-based chemicals the school was using to clean the toilet seats.

From the sounds of this article (click here), it doesn't sound like the school is saying much or is being too apologetic. 

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A couple of years ago our son developed a horrible rash--huge red welts. It started at school and got worse. I don't clean or wash with anything that is chemical because my oldest 2 are asthmatic and the one also has roscea so I'm very careful about what I use around the house. As it turns out--after the school insisted it must have been a plant outside (all of which I inspected and none were anything he had not come into contact with or that would cause a reaction) the teacher mentioned that they had just cleaned the carpet the night before (after a school party in which there was a spill)--that was the key. Whatever that chemical was in their cleaner set him off--got a sample and ped. did a skin test and it was immediate. Never did get an apology--I did almost have a police officer take him from school because at the end of the reaction his welts turned to black and blue bruises (he was in the library as he wasn't allowed out in the heat)-it took them calling the ped. who told the police officer that the child's appearance was not the parents fault but the schools. It doesn't surprise me this poor child got burned--they use the cheapest products to clean with and most of them are highly toxic and dangerous. 

The state of Florida has strict laws about cleaning products that can be used in schools. They have to be from an approved list of non-toxic products. So if your school is using toxic products they are not following the law.

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