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Chickenpox quarantine spreads to five public schools in Alachua and High Springs

The chickenpox virus is apparently spreading through the area! Health officials have barred many unvaccinated students from attending class in an effort to contain the virus.

Did your child have the chickenpox vaccine? Are you nervous about the spread of the virus?

Both of my girls have had the vaccine, so I feel confident they are protected. But it most be really tough for those who have newborns who can't yet be vaccinated! On the other hand, I actually know a few moms who have been waiting for an outbreak because they want to expose their children to the virus.

Here is the story with the details...

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Yup, my kids have all been vaccinated. I knew a 5 year old back in 1995 in Texas that died from complications from it so I am not taking any chances. I have never had it either, and I have also been vaccinated.

I think it is pretty cr@ppy that other people do not vaccinate their kids and put everyone's at risk. I think that if you don't vaccinate, you should have to home school.

My DD is vaccinated.  I got it when I was 12 - ruined my entire summer and lasted more than 8 weeks.  I was MISERABLE.

I had it when I was in late elementary school. Horrible!! I remember it was right around Halloween time. I was able to go out and trick-or-treat since I was no longer contagious, but I was still covered in spots. :-/ I can't even imagine dealing with it for EIGHT WEEKS!!!!

Melissa said:

My DD is vaccinated.  I got it when I was 12 - ruined my entire summer and lasted more than 8 weeks.  I was MISERABLE.

Thanks - I got it right at the beginning of summer after a visit from my aunt and cousin.  Cousin broke out a few days after arriving.   My parents didn't know chicken pox thrived in the heat and frankly couldn't have afforded air conditioning then anyways so it just went on and on and on.

It's such a tough call for me b/c didn't we all get exposed as kids and most kids got chickenpox? I guess I was under the impression it's a relatively benign virus?

Most of us adults got exposed as kids because there was no vaccine--and there were often complications--worse you can get shingles which is horribly painful many times as an adult if you had chicken pox as a child. If you had the vaccine then you won't get shingles as an adult and you won't get chicken pox when/if it goes around. I"m also with those who think it is horribly selfish of people to not vaccinate their child--you put not only the child at risk but those around you. Yes, there could be issues from the vaccine but in comparison to what the actual disease can cause those risks are minimal. Perhaps we have gotten so far removed from seeing those actual consequences of what happens to kids and people who get the diseases that the adults think there is really no threat....that is sad. 

My children go to Mebane Middle in Alachua and have both been vaccinated and have had a very light case of the virus. I work with a lady who's children attend the Alachua Learning Center and Mebane and were not vaccinated because of religious beliefs. The same Eastern Religious Sect mentioned in the article. I understand the desire not to vaccine your children but to send them to school with the knowledge that they have not been vaccinated and one of them has the virus is irresponsible.


To say it is a child hood disease and then comment that children with cancer shouldn't be allowed in school and it is the same thing really irritates me. It is in no way the "same thing". Stupidity is also contagious I guess.

A member of my family lost her leg via amputation when she was a child, all because of complications associated with chickenpox.  I have personally suffered through shingles and it is horribly painful.  My child has been vaccinated; and if it were my decision, so would every other child in the state.

Pregnant teachers also risk damage to their babies if exposed.

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