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Trying to decide on a car seat has been more difficult than deciding on when to start our family. I've done so much research and have gotten no where. My needs are very specific and can't seem to find any car seat (under $400) that fits the bill.

My husband and I are looking for a convertible car seat for infants (5lbs - up) to toddler (60+ lbs).  But here is the kicker; it has to have a  detachable base so the car seat can be used in more than one car. My husband has a company vehicle and does not have the truck space to store a car seat. But a base can be stored out of sight. 

Any experienced moms out there than can guide me? Thanks!

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I love my convertible car seat which is a Graco Prentis but does not have a base. I must say though that it is very easy to move from car to car. We have to move our from my husband's car to mine. That being said if you are absolutely set on a car seat that HAS to have a base this one is a great option nad is below the $400 mark. Not too far below but below none the less :) Convertible car seats with a base are very expensive in general but I guess keep in mind that car seat safety is a BIG invenstment...that makes me feel better about spending that kind of money. Especially with the recommendations now being to rear face your child until 2 years old. :)

Here is the link to Graco's site for the Smart Seat with some cute patterns!

i don't know that there IS a seat with that weight range with a detachable base...

as far as a convertible that can be used from birth, the combi coccoro has been great. it's so light, too. only 11 pounds. fit my 8 pound newborn like a dream. she is very tall, though, and she outgrew it rearfacing 2 months before she turned 2.

i'd recommend visiting the ladies at they would love to help you figure out the best seat for your situation!

The Graco Smart Seat Convertible does have a base with actually a higher weight range than you are asking for...I may have gotten myself sold on one from helping you :)

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