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My children did karate (Shotokon) before we moved, and they really miss it.  I'm hoping to find a program in the area that really emphasizes physical fitness and discipline/respect.  Does anyone have a good recommendation?  Thanks!

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My nephew has been attending classes at Gainesville Dojo for years now.  It's very family friendly and I've always heard good things.

Another is at Trinity United Methodist Church.  We did that for a little while and enjoyed that too.  I think it's great for the younger crowd.

Good luck!

My 6 year old son has been taking classes at Pro Taekwondo since August, and LOVES it! He looks forward to it as much as he does his gymnastics class (see the other post.) I love teh staff there. They are so good with the kids, and the classes are fun, physically active and fun.



I believe the classes at O2b kids are Shotokan. They are taught by Katsu Dojo. My kids have been taking classes with them for years and really enjoy it. I think they teach at the Y as well. You can get info through the O2b website, and when we started, they let us try the first few classes free.

My family has been members of Star Martial Arts for the last 4 years.  They are located in Thornbrook shopping center.  This is the website with all other contact info: 


I searched for months to find the martial arts environment appropriate to my boys (12 & 11). We landed at Aikido of Gainesville with highly experienced Sensei Tom Huffman. Aikido is often called the 'way of the peaceful warrior.' Its emphasis is avoiding conflict and resolving conflicts when they do occur without anger. I am fortunate to be able to train with my boys and the class is growing satisfyingly. The traditional Japanese ethic is followed regarding participation. No contracts, no commitments, no requirements for training uniforms or competitions. Show up and play (that is what we call Aikido training--playing). Huffman Sensei is retired military with decades training in Aikido, Iaido, weapons and karate. He trained 6 years in Japan. Come try for free--truly nothing to lose. Did a demo at the Asian Festival at the Thomas Center. Photo's are on FB under my name. Kids classes Tue./Thur. 4:00PM to 5:30PM. Sensei Huffman is also an Ambassador of Japanese culture having received an award from the Prime Minister when he was stationed there.


My kids also do Shotokan here - with Shotokan Forever.  You can take a look at his website.  He is a retired guy who teaches in his own Dojo in Newberry.  It is very family friendly and we love it. 




Shotokan is a fantastic traditional Okinawan martial art. I trained a slight variant of it Ishin-Ryu. I know a small group of adults who are wanting to continue their Shotokan training. I'll let them know about the Newberry dojo. A treat to hear about other traditional model places cropping up

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