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Apparently breastfeeding is a popular topic in the news right now, because I just came across another article online.


A Denver mother is less than happy after a judge "embarrassed" her in court. The mother said she had no choice but to bring her 6-month-old to jury selection since she is breastfed. The court denied her request for deferment.


What do you all think about this situation? Should the courts be more understanding toward breastfeeding mothers?


I think it probably would have been best for the mother to try to get a sitter while she went into the courtroom to explain her situation. I can see why the judge would be upset about a baby in the jury selection. However, I do think a mother should be able to get a deferment and be able to serve her jury duty at a later date if she is breastfeeding.


Here is the full article:


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In California, breast feeding is a legitimate excuse for a deferred Jury Duty.  I absolutely think it should be.
Elise, they are the same here in Florida too.  Primary caregiver is a legitimate reason for deferment, even if you are primary caregiver to an adult.  If she couldn't get a sitter, she should have checked that box instead.  I do think though that the comments after the article are harsh!
She should have made arrangments for a sitter, then asked to have provisions made for her to pump during trial or a deferment.
I was called for Jury Duty when my youngest was still nursing. I was the 3rd called and the 1st initially excused when I told the court that not only was I a primary caregiver but that I would need accommodations so that I could pump. All it takes is some tact and honesty...........
The only time I was called was when I was out on maternity leave. I called the Clerk of Court and was told I would be excused since my children weren't school age. Not sure if it's just a FL think or not.
Some of you are assuming she has a pump. If she is a stay at home mom, why would she have a pump. And why should she have to purchase one, which can be costly, depending on what you get? Also, you're assuming she has a sitter or family nearby. The judgement around here is a little harsh.
I was selected for jury duty once when I was pregnant and then again just a year later when I was nursing. Both times I was excused because apparently those (and a DR's note about you being mentally unfit to be on a jury, I think is the other one?) are the only reasons you CAN be excused. It said so on the summons itself. Poor lady, I guess rules are different where she is..? I know if I had to take my daughter, I would not have been able to pump for, what they say, is an 'all day process'. Bummer:-/
It's one thing to ask to be excused from Jury Duty---people do for all sorts of personal reasons. (I used to work in Jury Management at a court house, so I heard all sorts of stories.) But I think it's silly that she "had to" bring her 6 month  old to the jury selection. Could she not just pump during that period of time? It's not like she didn't have prior notice...I feel like it would be easy for her to plan ahead, pump her breastmilk, and have bottles ready for a sitter. She could still ask to be excused from Jury Duty for that reason, but having the baby there is just a little too far.
I've been both SAHM and a working mom--I"ve been called to jury duty 4 times. I would never go to jury duty with a child. They all offer exemption selections--I don't understand why she didn't go that route prior to the day. She knew it was happening and she knew she had to be there. My ped. does have several pumps for the "just in cases" that happen in life. All it takes is a phone call.  You may think it is harsh but honestly I think the child was brought by the woman as a grand gesture thinking that people would feel for her when honestly--she behaved in a manner that was not becoming to a citizen doing their civic duty. I agree with the judge. There were many other routes she could have chosen that would have been tactful and correct. She chose to grand stand and that rarely works well. Being a mom does not exempt you from being a US citizen.
I don't know how it works in Colorado but I've been sent a jury summons several times and if you are the primary caregiver of a small child (can't remember the age cut off , I think it's five) you are automatically excused. It shouldn't have been too difficult to get excused.

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