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Hey everyone! I have a 9 month old little girl, that has her two bottom teeth. I am (and I'm sure she is) getting so tired of the same ole' breakfasts and lunches. I need some ideas stat! :) For breakfast, we are now doing yogurt with babyfood fruit and for lunch she gets either a fruit or a veggie (babyfood) along with a handful of cheerios. Yeah, I know, BORING. But I'm a first time mom, so not really quite sure what else to feed her safely and easily. Thanks!

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Congrats on your little one! I used to work with Mark... a long time ago!

Anyway - your daughter is old enough now that she can start having some egg yolks for breakfast (no whites until she's 1) Both mine loved the yolks scrambled in a (very little bit) of butter. Good finger food too!

For lunch/dinner - try some bites of ham or turkey (pretty easy to chew/gum). Mine liked strips that they could hold and bite off, but you have to watch closely! I also gave mine pickles (the Claussen minis) to gum which really helped with teething (combo of the hard texture & salty brine numb the gums) and they enjoyed when they actually got a chunk off & could eat it. Pasta bites are good too - I would give them a few noodles of macaroni (no sauce).

In my experience, once they got a taste of "people food" they progressed pretty quickly. My daughter actually went from breastmilk to regular food - she refused any sort of pureed baby food. You'll figure out quickly what she can and can't handle. Around 9-10 months we started giving them bites of our food (which they loved!). Have fun! She is at a great age...
My son is 17 months now, and i had the same problem with him! i had no idea what to feed him.

My son LOVES stonyfield whole milk yogurt. He cant get enough of it. He has some of that along with a cup of milk at every meal.

I started him out on black eyed peas and rice. if you cook the peas well enough, they are super soft and small enough for babies to eat without a problem! my son eats that still, a couple of times a week along with other food. i always cooked them in with the rice cooker, and added some parsley and dill weed. its soooo yummy!

RIPE, slice pears are another great choice. if you let the pear ripen enough, they get very soft so that you can cut them into little strips and let her go at them. Banana pieces in small sizes are also soft and great for babies.

steamed peas and small sliced carrots, and green beans are another good choice. if the green beans are a little too long for her to tolerate you can cut them in half for her. also, GREAT finger foods.

sliced chicken in small pieces are great too! even if she doesnt have any teeth yet. she will be able to gum it right down if they are small enough, and its great protein source!

also, go with things that are different! don't just choose foods that you like. if you don't like them, it doesn't mean she wont! everyone's is different! she may refuse it ten times before she decides she likes it! so don't give up on anything if she refuses it the first day!!

Yeah you can basically begin giving her regular table food diced up and sometimes overcooked a little to make it less firm.

I used to take finely diced chicken and mix it with diced veggies, cooked rice and low-sodium chicken broth. I'd freeze them into cubes and just reheat them as needed. Pea's are a good finger food, small pieces of soft cheese, pasta pieces, goldfish crackers of different flavors, muffins (nice and messy), toast.

William is 19 months now and he'll usually eat his veggies first, pasta second, and then whatever meat we're having for dinner. He also loves Stoneyfield yogurt.

Now is a good time to introduce a variety of flavors and textures! Have fun!
Thanks everyone! Looks like I've got a nice list of foods to start with :)
Strawberrt applesauce is one of my little one's favorites. She still eats it and she's nearly 3. Also frozen yogurt, mine loves the coldness of it. It used to make me laugh the way she would suck on it in her mouth. She would pucker! :) We just mixed it up alot. Veggie or fruit along w/a meat (babyfood). Sometimes I would do the meat one, then give her a desert one instead of a fruit or veggie. Lip smacker for her. That's was once a week. On the cracker, sometimes I would spread a thin layer of sugar free jell/jam too. She also loved macncheese. I would cut one noodle into 3 pieces, she would gum it, then swallow. That way it is small enough is she just swallowed it, she would not choke. Tiny pieces of bread rolls or bread. I squished them up, or it to little balls. Mashed pots is still a fav. Hope some of these helps out.

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