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Remember how I had written a blog/article alerting everyone about Best Buy; well, it is no surprise that I read in yahoo news that Best Buy was closing over 50+ store and shares are falling. Go to: for more info. I also wanted to share a few more computer tidbits I have learned:              = free antivirus program     = free storage/backup file program/provider (5GB)       = free microsoft office type software anyone can download        = free microsoft office type software                =   free microsoft offce type software that can only be  utilized while online

google docs and microsoft we apps also provide the computer user with free office software that will allow them to create document, presentation, excel-like sheet/doc; without having to purchase any programs. You can utilize this medium like and use while on the internet. Otherwise download 'open office or libre office' which are free to do; and have this permanently on your computer to use whenever:-)            = free Operating System                = free Operating System          = free Operating System           = free program to run and play music and movies on your pc    = free cd/dvd/blue-ray/etc... burning software program = cute voice dlvrnce program in which u can attach to an avatar                         = good computer technology website      = good computer technology website             = good computer technology website

An ISO is an exact image of portable media (DVD/BluRay/CD). Acronis True Image Home (you can download it online). It's very simple and meant for non pros to use - allows for an exact image of your harddrive. Go to: Having a couple of spare external hard drives to store the back-up images is also a good idea. This will make  an exact image of your entire hard drive while it's still healthy. When you lose a hard drive that's been imaged, you can just buy another hard drive, transfer the image over and viola...your computer is exactly as it was on the date the image was made *(I believe this is what a disk imaging software does)*. Without an image, you can buy another drive, and if you still have the discs for the operating system and for your software you can have a functioning computer again, but you're starting from scratch as far as all of your data, and any software that you no longer have the disks for is gone.

Share the information and let's send a loud message to anyone doing business that making a profit is okay; however, making a killing by deceiving unsuspecting/hardworking people is shameful!


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