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Hi!  My name is Janice Anderson and I am a certified baby sign language instructor.  I have a couple of moms interested in registering for a class and I need a three more moms to register for the upcoming class.  If you are interested please let me know and I will fill you in on the details.  This class is a 6 week play class.  You can also check out my website  This is a really fun class with lots of songs, games, activites and education along with learning 36 signs.  Please let me know as soon as possible before registration closes. 

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What age babies do you teach?
Birth to 3 years old.
Hello...I do not need the classes. I just want to let any one else know that if your interested, you should take it! I know ASL. I worked for a deaf facility in Mt Dora and I taught my little girl. Before she was able to use her words, she was communicating w/her hands. Its a great bonding tool as well. Janice I think this is wonderful. Best of luck to you!
Thank you!  Yes, I taught my children as well. My daughter is 6 and she knows over 250 signs now and my son is 3 and knows over 100 signs.  They both were able to communicate their wants and needs by the time they were 6 months old!!!
How much is the class and what is the time commitment (I'm not actually in Gainesville so I have to take travel into account)
How much is the class and what is the time commitment (I'm not actually in Gainesville so I have to take travel into account)?
The class is $135.00 and it includes a Sign, Say & Play Kit. The kit has a DVD, 2 board books, CD, flip chart, video dictionary and a memory journal. If you register for the class, I will still need 2 more moms to join the class before I close registration. Maybe you might know someone that would love to join us for a fun filled 6 weeks!? I will offer you a 10% discount or anyone else that wants to register from Gainesville moms.
If anyone is ready to register for the class, I now have enough moms that are interested to go ahead and get the class rolling in Gainesville! We are looking at either Friday evenings or Saturdays and starting by the end of April or beginning of May.  Please let me know as soon as possible.  I will need to have registration forms back to me 2 weeks prior to class starting.

I have a tentative date of May 14th at 11:00am for the next Sign, Say and Play class in Gainesville!  If you would like to register, please contact me at ASAP.  Registration closes on April 29th.

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