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I'm pregnant with my first baby, due in January. We're in the process of getting his room together and I've hit a road block with bedding.  I found the fabric I want to use, but I'm no seamstress!  Does anyone know of someone locally who can make a skirt and bumper pad for us?  I think I can handle the curtains, but I definitely need help with the rest.  Thanks!

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I don't know anyone who makes those things but I just wanted to say be careful with the bumper pad. Once my daughter started rolling around or moving herself around in her crib (about 8 weeks old) she would pull on the bottom of the bumper pad, even though it was tied down. She'd just keep tugging at it and pulling herself closer to it until she finally got her head between it and the crib railing and then she was stuck. It was scary so we just took the bumper pad off. They look adorable on there, though.
if you have a facebook, look up crafty gemini. she is awesome! she holds sewing classes also, so if u dont want her to make them, just take her sewing classes and learn to do them by yourself! but she is very very good, and can make anything from cloth diapers to quilts!
Maybe put a flyer up at Michaels or JoAnne Fabrics asking for a seamstress with experience making bedding.

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