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Autism Doctors?? In Gainevsille? or Surrounding?? Anyone Know of One?

My son is showing signs of having Autism. Anyone know of a good doctor in the area particulary familiar with the type " Asperger syndrome" .  I want someone trained in Autism , not just his pediatrician.



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Are you looking for someone to diagnosis him?  How old is he?  While they can't diagnosis, If he is under 3 years of age, Early Steps will evaluate him and advise you if he has any areas of concern.  Our pediatrician referred us to Early Steps and they did an evaluation of our little guy and referred us to a psychologist (Dr. Redonovich) at Shands who confirmed the diagnosis.  If he's older than 3, perhaps your pediatrician will refer you directly to a psychologist. We haven't been able to find a local pediatrician that deals specifically with Autism if that is what you are looking for :(
Dr. Nancy M. Worthington,
5528 North West 43rd Street
Gainesville, FL, 32653
Phone Number: (352) 371-3604

Heard from a friend that she specializes in children with Autism!!

You may also want to check out the University of Florida Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. Good luck.



Raising Boys

Yes--the CARD center--the UF Center for autism and related disorders has a great Dr.--Dr. Greg Vulcante. He is a PhD and he is very well versed in this subject. Also--Dr. Jennifer Elder at the UF college of nursing. I worked for her--she is wonderful and does different studies on the subject. You should contact them. They are wonderful. My brother has aspergers syndrome and if you work with these children early with occupational therapy and play/social therapy, they can really improve. He is doing great, but still has some little quirks. But be on top of this and do everything you can to get a good diagnosis and once you do, try vitamins and different diets (gluten/casein free) try EVERYTHING that you can to see if you see an improvement.

My son, who is now 15, was diagnosed at the Psychiatry Clinic at Shands but only after Lisa Schiavoni of Milestones in the Making had done some extensive tests and indicated Asperger's was a possibility.  This was back in 2000 when Asperger's vs. Autism was still pretty new.  I had several, well meaning but uninformed, people tell me my son couldn't be on the Autistic Spectrum because he talked so much and so well.

We worked a lot with the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities in the early years and had lots of Occupational Therapy (and that was back when insurance made a point of excluding any diagnosis of Autism from coverage) .  We still rely on Dr. Nancy Worthington, who fortunately was our regular pediatrician, for ongoing advice for alternative treatments.  Dr. Nancy really makes a point to stay in the know on all of the intervention options and has been a great help as my son transitioned from elementary school (when mom can help and guide) to middle and high school (when kids don't want mom around or involved at all). He is currently on a great vitamin regimen and is receiving hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Both have helped decrease his anxiety which has really allowed his personality and sense of humor to shine through.
My son is in a magnet high school program with great grades and has even learned to enjoy team sports and make some friends.  He fully intends to "fly the coop" (leave for college) in three years and we are confident he will be ready!

Here are two links that hopefully will help you!!


Florida Autism Connection
We specialize in providing family centered interventions for autism, Asperger's syndrome, and PDD-NOS.  Our approach is based on the Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®).  This research based approach has the following guiding principles:
-Focus on quality of life
-Provide for step-by-step development of lifelong social, emotional, and cognitive growth
-Emphasize the family and develop competence and healthy empowerment of all family members
-Incorporate the latest research findings

2222 NW 40th Terrace, Suite C, Gainesville, FL 32605   /  (352) 376-0690

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