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Anyone have any advice about the Williams full-time magnet program?

Hey Mamas! Wondering if anyone has any information about/experience with the full-time magnet program at Williams Elementary? Or information about the school in general?

We attended an open house this week, but I'd love to hear some advice from moms who have experience with the program/school.


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I will tell you that if we didn't have the magnet programs my kids would be homeschooled right now. If you have the opportunity to get into one--get in and stay in. There is a world of difference between the "magnet"  and the "mainstream"--we've gone from elementary (starting in mainstream in K,1,2) trying the "honors" or "gifted" program in the school we were zoned for which amounted to my kids being pulled out for more homework--not a different level of work just more worksheets. I was assured that the program (gifted) had been changed between my second and third child (9years) but it had not been changed one bit. I learned--my third child I moved to a magnet program in 3rd grade and I've never looked back. Yes the work can be harder if your child is not an independent learner, doesn't have the get up and do it myself attitude--but we also aren't FCAT worksheet, workbook and online program'ed to death. We have had a completely different track with different views and teaching methods--less discipline problems (non-existent in middle school) and in general my kids are so much happier. Third child is now in the IB program and extremely happy--everything moves at her pace, she's with kids who WANT to be in school, do their best and get into specific programs in college. My youngest is now in a middle school program and the elementary magnet prepared him to work at that level as well as to work independently. He's really happy with what he is expected to do, no worksheets and mindless junk like wordwebs for every single spelling word....puzzles and more.  They have more field trips, hands on labs, access to more.  Do it--you won't be sorry.

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