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Help! Our AC is not working and I need a reliable, ethical repairman. Why oh why is my dad visiting my sister out of state?

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Total Services  352-378-0435

They have serviced our A/C for years, and installed a new system for a fair and reasonable price a few years ago when our old one died.

They also do plumbing and electrical work.

They are VERY reliable, clean, honest, ethical.  We NEVER call anyone else.  We have lots of family and friends who also use their services.

Good Luck!

My Dad is a builder and I worked for one of the large GC companies. The ones I recommend are Bounds Heating and Air, Bertie and Hogle. They are long term, family run companies.

I would never use Bertie.  They contracted with our builder to install our A/C unit when we built our house.  We specified (in writing in the bid) 12 SEER (which was high in 1998).  We always had trouble with the unit, and when it finally failed and we had it removed, we found out that Bertie had installed a 9 SEER unit, but charged for the 12 SEER unit.  GRU estimated that we used at least $50 per month extra in electricity with the smaller unit over a period of 11 years - that's over $6,000 we lost in electric charges because Bertie short-changed us.  Never mind that we could never keep our house at a comfortable temperature and were always having to call for service on an inefficient unit.

Total Services has been in business for a long time, and is also family-owned and operated.

Thanks for the recommendations. We didn't think it would be covered by our home warranty bc it is a gas A/c unit, but thankfully it was! After 24 hrs with no A/c, they replaced a part and we are cool again!

That's great news! Just in case you need someone in the future, we recommend Stellar Services. They just put in a new unit for us. :-)

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