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Hi everyone,  I have not been on here in quite some time (a couple years maybe). But last night at a local park with my kids I witnessed something very disturbing and it prompted me to have another talk with my kids about safety and protecting themselves.  In fact, it was one of my kids that alerted me to the situation. I figured I'd share it on here with all of you, as you might want to have a reminder talk with your kids.  Without going into too much detail, two little boys (no older than 5) were under the toddler play structure about to engage in some very inappropriate oral behavior.  I think you can get the idea from there.  As soon as I saw what was about to happen, I told them they needed to go immediately to their parents.  One of them was with a grandma and I told her what I witnessed. Of course, she was appalled. She then went and talked to the father of the other boy.  They both left the park right away. I don't know what came of the situation, and I don't know where the behavior was learned, or who started it.  But it serves as a reminder that even in public places, and with other kids, our kids need to be aware of boundaries. I don't want to scare anyone from going to the playground, but perhaps this will prompt some of you to have another talk with your kids.

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Thanks for sharing.  I think it is def important also not to "freak out" in these kind of situations.  Because from what I gather the kids are simply innocent/curious/reenacting something they witnessed...idk.

My daughter (who is 3) was scolded for kissing her playmates by her daycare teacher.  I told her its great that she loves her friends.  But like you said (without freaking out) discussing the notion of boundaries is definitely appropriate and important in cases such as these.

It's definitely my hope that one of the kids isn't being abused sexually. What was about to happen wasn't just kissing, as in your daughter's case (which definitely didn't deserve a scolding - poor thing must have been scared!).  

I know my daughter was a little upset about it. :-(  I know the teacher meant well..(especially with the colds/flus going around)  but my daughter I could tell was crushed.  But you are right there is a time and a place for certain behaviors.  And hugging is better suited for daycare :-) not kisses.

I truly hope for the sake of those children that abuse was not involved and that it was simply "innocent".  I just hope the parents/guardians handled it in a way so that the children did not feel chastised...when if abuse was the culprit...they are victims not deviants. :-(

Thanks for sharing! I was actually @ the same park last night ( I spoke to you for a few mins and saw you talking to the grandmother). I will def keep an even closer eye on my kids!

Hi Brooke!  I didn't actually catch your name last night, but it was great chatting with you!  I'm glad you didn't see what happened.  It really makes me so sad :-(  Anyway, hope you're doing well!  Your kids are all so cute :-)

Brooke Hudson said:

Thanks for sharing! I was actually @ the same park last night ( I spoke to you for a few mins and saw you talking to the grandmother). I will def keep an even closer eye on my kids!

Oh my goodness! Thank God your son came to you! Thank you very much for sharing this story!

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