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Check out this list of 18 toys to avoid this holiday season. Do you agree that the toys on this list are things you'd never buy or want your kids to receive?

I disagree with a few. My kids LOVE moon dough. Yes, it makes a mess, but it's nothing that can't be cleaned. And we have a couple of those $2 microphones that my girls love to play with. The Zhu Zhu pets themselves are not annoying, but the tracks are a pain! 

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I am never ever ever buying Moon Sand again. I about seriously hurt myself this past weekend cause of that stuff. I have fake vinyl floors that look like wood and we kept slipping and falling and its was because of the moon sand. My kids love it though.

One of my biggest pet peeves though are those Moxie dolls and the ones like them where their shoes are their feet. All of our dolls now have no feet. Those things get lost so easy and then no one wants to play with a doll with no feet. I was even looking on ebay to see if I could just buy some Moxie girl feet.

And we have two Monster High Dolls that are missing an arm. Because they too can be popped off so easy (I only recently figured out that they are suppose to come off) but they are small and tiny and get lost and the same principal applies. No one wants to play with the the dolls missing an arm.

Hotwheels are my son's favorite toys, indeed, they are everywhere but he tries. Just an FYI about hotwheels tracks, they are made to fit any track. Toys r us sells extra track so when a piece goes missing you can replace quite easily.

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